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What Is Dental Continuity Of Care?

Continuity of dental care means consulting with the same practice and the same dentist over time – ensuring that your needs and treatment continues in the right direction. This means that you will see the same dentist at each and every visit. If at any point you need to see a specialist, your dentist will help you to make that connection and will continue to provide direction throughout your treatment. Once your specialised treatment is complete, you then return to your dentist to continue any general dental care along the same positive trajectory.

Why Does Dental Continuity of Care Matter?

Continuity of care significantly improves dental outcomes and experiences as a patient. Instead of wasting time, going from one office to another, you have the same team caring for you who have built a rapport with you and understand your needs. With continuity of dental care your treatment gains a stronger sense of direction and can quickly advance.

Does Dental Continuity of Care Cost Extra?

No, this improved dental care and experience doesn’t cost any extra. Usually most patients find that they save money, as they do not have to repeat any steps or processes at a new clinic.

How Does It Relate To Collaboration of Care?

Continuity of care goes hand-in-hand with collaboration of care. This connection is especially important for clients who may have multiple concerns or require special treatments.  When they move from one specialist to another, continuity and collaboration of care ensure that there is direct and consistent communication and overall, this leads to significantly better care for the client.

Is Dental Continuity of Care Offered Everywhere?

This level of continuity of care is something that sets the Dental Pod apart. We are uniquely dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with the greatest continuity of care possible because we know what a difference it can make.

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