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DentalPod Staff - Dental Pod, Hobart
Personal & family dental care
Personal & family dental care
  1. General dentistry
  2. Safe amalgam removal
  3. Holistic approach
Dr Matthew Clougher - Dental Pod, Hobart
Personal & family dental care
Personal & family dental care
  1. General dentistry
  2. Safe amalgam removal
  3. Holistic approach
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Why choose Dental Pod?

We provide personal and family dental care that our patients smile about:

  • We’re a team of highly experienced dental professionals, dedicated to your care and well-being.
  • We use safe materials and techniques, including BPA-free white fillings, and safe amalgam replacement.
  • Our X-ray and other technologies are selected for your safety, care and comfort.
  • We take a holistic view of your dental and overall health because good dental healthcare is about more than your teeth.
  • We’re in a convenient central Hobart location and we’re right next door to the Hobart Central Carpark (a public car park which offers 60 minutes free parking).
  • We offer instant health fund claims with HICAPS for ALL Australian Private Health Insurance providers. (Depending on your health insurance, there may still be a “gap” payment required).

Our Services

Routine check-ups & cleaning

  • The healthy way to maintain your smile.
  • Enjoy the clean your toothbrush can’t match.
  • Identify any dental issues early.

Safe Amalgam removal

  • Safely replace grey Amalgam fillings (50% mercury) with white BPA-free fillings.
  • Better for your health: you avoid ongoing exposure to the mercury.
  • Safe Mercury Removal Technique: IAOMT Certified Dentist.

Holistic dental healthcare

Perhaps you’re pregnant, have diabetes, or are at risk of heart disease. Your dental health and overall health are connected in important ways. We routinely check for possible issues as part of your normal dental visit. We know good dental healthcare is about much more than your smile.

General dentistry

Sometimes dental care can require treatment to halt and repair tooth damage, or to help meet your everyday eating and smiling needs. These treatments include:

  • Fillings & root canal treatments
  • Tooth crowns, bridges and veneers
  • Simple and complex extractions
  • Dentures – full and partial
  • Implant planning and implant-supported dentures

Family dental care

  • Orthodontic assessment for growing smiles.
  • Establishing confidence and rapport with early childhood dental patients.
  • Encouraging young people with their oral health.


Smile protection

It’s important to protect your teeth, and we can help. We offer:

Mouthguards – custom made protection for you or your children playing sport.

Nightguards & splints – around 15% of people grind their teeth while sleeping, and these guards help avoid damage. (Indicators include waking with a sore jaw, a dull headache or tooth pain).

Your Dentist

Dr Matthew Clougher 

B.Dent (Syd)

Matthew grew up in Taroona, qualified as a dentist in Sydney, and has been practising dentistry in Hobart since 2007. His dental patients appreciate his calm and caring manner, and his experience. He listens and is easy to talk with.

Matthew is passionate about helping patients see that oral health means more than clean teeth: it is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. And over time, even perfectly brushed teeth develop plaque that can only be cleaned at a dental visit. So whether you need a check-up, or something more, Matthew can provide the dental care you need.

Matthew also speaks fluent French and Spanish.

About Dental Pod

Dr Matthew Clougher understands the connection between oral health and overall wellbeing for each patient.

We are a small and intimate practice so we can offer patient care at a personalised level. Your health is very important to us and that is why we will give you the space and time for in-depth consultations.

The Dental Pod is an innovative dental surgery, providing a mercury amalgam free and mercury amalgam safe clinical environment. Matt uses advanced techniques when removing mercury amalgam to protect the patient, the staff and the environment from toxic waste mercury. The Dental Pod also offers all areas of general dentistry treatment.

Come and discover the difference at the Dental Pod.

Call us today to achieve a healthier smile.

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Dental Pod | Dentist Hobart - Dental Practice 1
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Central Hobart location

Dental Pod is located in Hobart’s CBD. We’re a short walk from the Elizabeth St Mall, and close to the State Library. We’re in Emily Dobson House, on the ground floor.

Easy parking

We’re next to the Hobart Central Car Park – about 30 metres from its Bathurst St pedestrian entrance. This public car park offers free parking for your first 60 minutes.

Easy walking & wheelchair access

We’re located on the ground floor, so there’s easy walking and wheelchair access from Bathurst St or via the pedestrian entrance to the Hobart Central Car Park.

Dental Pod Blog

Sometimes we’ve got helpful ideas to share about your dental health, responses to common questions, or news about Dental Pod. You can find this information in our blog.

Recent entries are shown to the right, or access a full list from our Dental Pod Blog page.

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