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Tooth Whitening

by Dr Matthew Clougher

Tooth whitening from Dental Pod utilizes a bleach tray system for home use. The custom fitted trays are made from a mould of your teeth, and a small amount of mild peroxide gel used for one hour per night for two weeks should make a difference to the appearance of well cleaned teeth. The benefit of a custom whitening tray system is not only whiter teeth, but may also improve the gum health. Plaque has been shown to be less active when using peroxide gel, and so the gum health may also improve with periodic whitening. The gel concentration is safe for teeth, and it does not cause any change in tooth strength but it can cause tooth sensitivity.

Tooth whitening as done in the surgery as a one off procedure uses a higher concentration of peroxide gel which increases tooth sensitivity – so we prefer the gentler home programme.

Ask us at your next appointment if you are interested in bleach gel tooth whitening.