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No matter how civilized we may become, humans cannot outgrow or outsmart the need for natural wholesome foods. When people transition from a natural diet to a diet of modern, processed foods especially high in white flour, sugar and processed ingredients then we see a lot more tooth decay, plaque on the teeth and gum irritation.

Following a mainly plant based and minimally processed diet will promote dental health as well as general well being.

NINE STEPS to reconnect with natural foods and reclaim our health:

  1. Choose to eat food that has no bar code.
  2. Support local farmers who take pride in producing real food.
  3. Look up old world recipes.
  4. Ask questions of your oldest friends and relatives about food they ate  when they were growing up.
  5. Keep food simple.
  6. Learn to crave real food.
  7. Love wild foods.
  8. Protect and nourish nature as it nourishes us.
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