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Dental care and pregnancy – Get your teeth into family planning now.

Dental care before, during and after pregnancy is an important issue, never more so than when you are thinking of starting a family or adding to one. It is always safe during pregnancy to visit a dentist to discuss your dental needs.

Recent research in genetic expression called Epigenetics shows that your baby will take on both the parents’ genetic strengths and weaknesses. Both positive and negative lifestyle changes have an impact on your expression of you and your partners’ genes.

At the Dental Pod we believe that good nutritional advice as well as addressing any mercury amalgam removal, fillings, gum disease, infection, toxicity, x-rays or problems present in your mouth are best done before you become pregnant.

Addressing gum disease before and during pregnancy is highly recommended as this has been linked to miscarriage, preterm birth and preeclampsia. You are less likely to have dental problems during pregnancy if you already have good oral hygiene habits.

Preventive dental cleanings and exams during pregnancy are safe and recommended as the demands of pregnancy on the body and the rise in hormone levels during pregnancy can cause the gums to swell or bleed.

It is highly recommended that should any mercury amalgam fillings be removed it’s best done prior to planning a family. Mercury has been shown to cross the placenta during pregnancy and is also transferred via breast milk during breast-feeding. Ideally it’s good to remove any amalgam fillings and replace them with non-toxic composite or porcelain materials at least six months prior to conceiving.

If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding it is not advised to consider any mercury amalgam removal but you should still see your dentist with all other dental concerns that you may have during your pregnancy.

Removal of mercury amalgam should always be performed by a dentist who follows a strict protocol, one that protects you, the dentist, their staff, and the environment.

At the Dental Pod we remove amalgams safely and follow a strict protocol set out by the International Association of Medicine and Toxicology. We also liaise with and can recommend natural health practitioners who can help you to optimize your diet and lifestyle during this crucial time of your and your babies’ lives.

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