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Whilst mercury amalgam fillings have been used for well over a hundred years, many people, and now the environment have experienced negative side effects associated with this silver coloured filling material, leading to developments in modern alternatives.

Mercury amalgam fillings are hazardous to our environment and environmentally conscious countries such as Sweden and Norway have gone so far as to ban this type of filling material.

Amalgam fillings are made from a composite metallic material, with one of its key components being toxic Mercury. Fillings contain about 50% mercury – which can be released into the system due to temperature changes within the mouth or during chewing or brushing.

Amalgam fillings have been shown to expand and contract in response to temperature changes within the mouth, which can cause your natural tooth to crack.

Amalgam filling material is dark silver in colour, and is often referred to as a silver filling and as such does not blend successfully with the shade and texture of your natural tooth enamel.

A healthy alternative to Mercury Amalgam fillings is to have them safely removed by a dentist who follows a strict and safe mercury removal protocol and replace them with bio-compatible white composite materials. These newer materials will also match the natural colouring of the tooth.cialis

Experience Mercury Amalgam Free Dentistry and Safe Amalgam Removal by independent dentist Dr Matthew Clougher, owner of Hobart’s only Holistic Dental Surgery, the Dental Pod.

At the Dental Pod we always follow a very strict and Safe Holistic Amalgam Removal Protocol that has been laid out by the International Association of Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

Our beautiful purpose built environmentally conscious practice is located at 99 Bathurst Street in the heart of Hobart. Our team are committed and dedicated to removing mercury amalgam fillings in a way that is safe for the patient, our staff and the environment.

Call us on 03 6234 5114 – Your Safer Dental Choice.

Because it’s time you thought differently about your dental health.