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When it comes to cleaning your pearly whites, is your choice of toothbrush really that important?

Dentists have been asked this question for as long as the electric toothbrushes have been available. Patients want to know if using an electric toothbrush offers any additional benefits or whether using a manual brush does the job just as well?

Finally we have the definitive answer…..

A large experiment was performed to compare how well people removed plaque from around their teeth when brushing with a manual toothbrush compared with an electric toothbrush.

A number of factors were tightly controlled so as not to skew the results:

  • The toothpastes where kept the same
  • The amount of time that people brushed for was the same
  • They tried to keep the pressure that people used equivalent in both groups.

Time and time again the results clearly showed that those who brushed with a manual toothbrush would leave plaque behind whereas those who used an electric toothbrushes were able to remove the plaque considerably better.

Why is this important?

If plaque is left on your teeth and gums for a prolonged period of time it becomes disease causing – It is a bacterium that can create all sorts of problems such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which leads to bleeding gums, bad breath, and, ultimately, tooth loss.

It’s a no brainer!

If by using a tool, such as an electric toothbrush gives you the ability to do something as important as removing plaque easily and more predictably from around your teeth and gums and therefore helping you to maintain better oral health, why wouldn’t you?

It is my job to look after my patient’s wellbeing and to try to help them from incurring health problems. I can also tell you from a human level that it’s far more pleasing when a patient and I meet, we have a nice chat and I tell them that their oral health is in great shape because they’ve been looking after themselves, rather than have long and difficult conversations about invasive and potentially expensive treatments.

So, seriously consider making this investment and book a clean with your dentist so that the right brushing technique can be demonstrated – I promise your teeth and gums will be glad you did.

Why wait – book your next dental appointment now by calling the Dental Pod on 6234 5114.

Because it’s time to think differently about your dental health……….