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Hobart Dentist Dr. Matthew Clougher would like you to consider many important things when thinking about getting your mercury amalgam fillings removed.

When you have decided to have Mercury Amalgam fillings removed from your teeth your primary consideration should always be to choose a dentist who will ensure it is done safely – for you, their staff and the environment.

Here is a list of questions to ask your dentist along with the answers you would want to hear.

These questions will help you to find a mercury amalgam safe dentist – the right dentist for the job.

Q – What does the dentist use as a filling material ?

A – A composite resin or a porcelain ceramic material.

Q – When does the dentist ever use mercury amalgam in their surgery ?


Q – What protocols are used to protect the patient while removing mercury fillings ?

A – The standard safety procedures will always include the following :

  • Use of a dental rubber dam
  • High volume suction
  • Patient protective nasal mask with fresh air/oxygen supply
  • Specialized mercury air filtration
  • Protective gown and eyewear
  • Slow speed drill and “chunking” method of removing mercury fillings.

Q – Does the dentist protect themself & staff during mercury fillling removal ?

A – YES – The dentist & assistant wear special mercury breathing masks ?

Q – Does the patient, dentist & assistant wear disposable head and body coverings ?

A – YES.

Q – Is a dental rubber dam used during the removal of mercury fillings ?

A – YES – A dental dam will significantly reduce the mercury vapour exposure and stop you from swallowing mercury particles.

Q – Does the dentist use any special techniques when removing mercury fillings ?

A – Yes – Ideally mercury fillings should be removed by quartering each filling into pieces. They may call this “chunking” There should be a constant spray of water during the drilling process, with all suctions in place.

Q – How does the dentist collect the mercury vapour in the treatment rooms ?

A – A specialized mercury filter unit should be in place over the head of the patient to collect the mercury vapour in the treatment room.

Q – What does the office do to prevent mercury from getting into the water supply ?

A – The surgery should have an amalgam separator device fitted to the establishments waste water supply.

Q – Is the patient delivered clean air during mercury filling removal ?

A – Yes the patient is connected via a nosepiece to a clean supply of air preventing them from breathing mercury vapours during the removal procedure.

Q – Are the suction and compressor units housed outside the surgery ?

A – Yes.

Q – Does the dental office support the patient seeing someone for mercury detoxification and nutritional support ?

– Yes – Ideally the dentist will collaborate with an allied physician or a healing practitioner to coordinate in the patient’s detoxification process.

**A dentist can safely remove the mercury from your teeth but may not be equipped at directly addressing the detoxification and/or nutritional processes concerning mercury amalgam removal. This is why any dentist who understands the process and protocol for safe mercury amalgam removal may recommend an allied physician or healing practitioner for your on going support **

Q – Which protocol does the dentist use for safe mercury removal ?

A – One or more of the following :

  • The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
  • The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

** Mercury amalgam safe guidelines for dental offices and mercury amalgam safe removal protocol are unfortunately still not taught in dental schools. However the afore mentioned educational resources and guidelines are used by concerned dentists to ensure a mercury safe dental environment **

At the Dental Pod, Dr. Matthew Clougher follows strict guidelines outlined by the IAOMT. He continually endeavors to educate himself in all the latest procedures for safe mercury amalgam removal. He is dedicated to ensuring the protection of his clients, his staff and the environment from toxic waste mercury.

Call us today so we can help and support you in having your mercury amalgam fillings removed safely and effectively – 03 6234 5114.

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