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What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

The procedure that is called a root canal treatment is an embalming procedure dentists perform on a dead or dying tooth. Performing a Root canal treatment is designed to keep a dead tooth mechanically functioning in a live body.

Your teeth can sometimes die. This could be because of trauma such as a sporting accident or from sustaining a nasty facial impact. Sometimes teeth die due to microbial invasion from gum disease but most of all they die because a deep decay has penetrated the pulp that nourishes the tooth.

Is a Root Canal right for you?

Ok, so loosing a tooth is nobody’s preferred choice. Loosing a tooth can be emotional and not always the best dental choice. Any good dentist will look at the overall big picture and your individual dental complexities as well as the patient’s wishes.

At the Dental Pod we have a balanced holistic approach and look at both sides of the story.

One side of the story is:

A tooth that is saved from extraction by a root canal treatment can help to restore function perfectly and may last a very long time without any adverse complications.

Performing a root canal relieves the pain and discomfort of a dying tooth and continues to give you the pleasure of using your tooth and not having an unsightly gap in your mouth.

Should you loose a tooth many changes can occur within the structure of your mouth. Teeth can drift and shift into the newly created space and the opposing teeth can elongate, appearing longer than the other teeth. TMJ disorders can occur giving you pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement.

Now lets look at the other side of the story:

Some root canal treatments can go wrong and you can still end up loosing the tooth. This is usually very disappointing for the patient as it is very costly, unpredictable and frustrating.

During a root canal treatment it is very difficult to kill off all the bacteria within the complex anatomy of the root. Root canal treated teeth can harbor harmful bacteria and microbes. Microbial metabolic toxins can leach into your body, becoming a burden to your overall health.

So the decision is not an easy one when it comes to whether or not to have a root canal treatment, as there are many things to consider.

Primarily it is worth checking into your own health status. Questions you may want to ask yourself or be checked for are:

  • Am I healthy?
  • Have I had my health checked recently?
  • Is my immune system working well?
  • Have I spoken to a dentist who understands the risks of performing root canals?
  • Have I spoken to a GP who understands the risks involved with root canals?

Some integrated Dentists, doctors and GP’s may recommend a root canal if they feel you have a strong immune system, great genetics, and a healthy lifestyle. But if your immune system is weak or struggling with disease then a root canal treatment may not be your best option or it may be better to extract an already treated tooth.

Dr Matthew Clougher liaises with other integrated health professionals to help his patients make the best and most informed decision based on their individual needs. He will discuss the pro’s and con’s of root canal treatment and explore other options with you such as alternative restoration, including implants, bridge options or partial dentures.

To make an appointment call Dr Matthew Clougher, Hobart’s leading Holistic Dentist at the Dental Pod on 6234 5114.