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Some foods are such powerful healers with the propensity to nourish so impressively that it would be crazy to not include them in your weekly if not daily diet.

In recent years modern science has uncovered the amazing health benefits of curcumin or more commonly called turmeric and it’s many remarkable qualities – In particular, turmeric has the potential power to help, prevent and heal various health issues.

Several case studies have connected curcumin use to cancer prevention treatments and research has even shows how turmeric can greatly boost oral health by offering support for issues such as gingivitis and mouth cancer.

One of the recent study cases indicates that curcumin can aid in the reversal of precancerous changes in the mouth.

And recently, researchers have revealed that nanoparticles packed full of turmeric extract can kill oral cancer cells – the kind that have proven to resist chemotherapy treatment – there are dozens of such studies linking turmeric to oral cancer cell death.

Although this knobbly root is most commonly used as a curry spice, many people do not realize how versatile it can actually be, try adding it to anything from smoothies and ice cream to salads, fish or eggs. Research indicates that the more time it spends in your mouth, the healthier your mouth might be !

A study published by the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology showed that curcumin could be as, if not more, effective as a mouthwash than a traditional mouthwash in the treatment of gingivitis.

In the study clinicians had their subjects rinse their mouths twice daily with either a 0.1% curcumin extract mouthwash or a traditional mouthwash solution using 0.2% Chlorhexidine.

The turmeric solution outperformed the traditional mouthwash in all three measurements despite the chlorhexidine solution being twice as concentrated as the turmeric solution. Turmeric reduced gingivitis symptoms, plaque and bacterial activity at greater rates than the traditional chemical mouthwash.

Despite this, the researchers, “in the characteristically conservative style of academia”, suggested turmeric mouthwash had “comparable anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties” as the traditional chlorhexidine mouthwash !

Although the researchers didn’t come right out and say turmeric is more effective than a traditionally chemical laden mouthwash, it was the numbers that spoke for them.

And, when you consider all of the wonderful health benefits of this brightly hued root, the benefits of using it as a mouthwash doubles just by eating it !

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