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Over the ages the Tooth Fairy has sprinkling her fairy dust on many a pillow, exchanging our baby teeth with her magic and a dollar or two.

However, our favourite fluttering fairy has more than just one trick up her sleeve. The Tooth Fairy can be that magical force to encourage your kids to have positive oral health habits. Getting children to brush their teeth isn’t an easy job, but the Tooth Fairy is here to help!

Magic Over Money

Why not consider a smile-inspired surprise instead of leaving money under their pillow. Buy a toothbrush timer or an electric toothbrush featuring a kiddy character. Pick up a pack of sparkly stickers for under their pillow and then help your kids to make their very own brushing and flossing chart. Need some inspiration? Click here  or  here

Brush Up On Their Reading

Brushing and bedtime stories go hand-in-hand – put away the I-Pad and bring out the books! Next time your child loses a tooth, add a new oral health or Tooth Fairy-themed book to their shelf.

Why Wait For A Tooth To Fall Out?

Make a “Pearly Whites” chart and the Tooth Fairy can come anytime your child needs encouragement. Leave a “magic ticket” under their pillow and these tickets can be stuck to their chart along with the stickers for dental visits or consistent brushing. Eventually kids can cash in their tickets for a grand prize such as a trip to the toy store or to see a movie.

Get creative and show your kids the value in caring for their teeth.

Why Keep Your Kids Teeth?

The tooth fairy knew something that until now was her secret alone – the power of baby teeth! Baby teeth, like umbilical cords contain stem cells that can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. If collected and correctly stored, they can, in later years potentially be used to treat serious illness or disease that may arise in your child or other close family members. If you’d like to know more about storing baby teeth for your kids or grandkids, click here for more information.

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Because it’s time to think differently about your dental health.