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Your wisdom teeth might end up giving you trouble over your lifetime! At Dental Pod we give you all the options for dealing with them.

Wisdom teeth often start to cause trouble during eruption in the young adult years. Wisdom teeth pain may be due to the slow process of the teeth coming through the gum. If the gum starts to swell up or prevent sleep, then please seek prompt dental or medical attention.

Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed in young adults – these decisions are made on a case by case basis. The factors are if wisdom teeth have room to erupt, and if they are likely to cause trouble or not.

Dental Pod gives patients the choice to have their wisdom teeth extracted in house while they are awake under local anaesthetic. In some cases extraction under general anaesthetic in a private day surgery facility may be required. In other cases we may recommend referral to a specialist Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.

Your wisdom teeth are likely to give you trouble at some stage of your life. They may become decayed and difficult to maintain later in life.

Discuss now with your dentist any issues you have with your wisdom teeth, the earlier the better!