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Safe Integrative Amalgam Removal – Pictured above – the Dental Pod team performing safe amalgam removal.

At the Dental Pod we always follow a very strict and Safe Integrative Amalgam Removal Protocol that has been laid out by the International Association of Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

The protocol involves the following :

  1.  Patient and staff wear disposable full cover gowns.
  2.  A rubber dam is placed over the patients tooth and a special high volume suction tube is    placed into the oral cavity.
  3. A purpose designed, highly powered extraction unit is then placed over the patients head – this unit collects, filters and stores any toxic amalgam vapor.
  4.  During the procedure the patient is given a clean nasal oxygen supply.
  5.  Our staff wear industrial mercury vapor masks.
  6.  The removal technique involves using a slow speed drill so as to chunk the filling out rather than turning it to sludge, particles and vapor.
  7. An advanced 3 stage filter system separates the waste amalgam into a vessel for safe collection.
  8. Our suction and compressor units are not within the surgery therefore not circulating contaminated mercury filled air.
  9. We use bio-compatible composites as our filling material.

I am aware that many people are presenting with varied health issues, of which some may be being exacerbated by mercury toxicity.

Many clinics in Tasmania do not use amalgam any longer, of which I commend them however I am not aware of any other surgeries in Tasmania that have an amalgam removal protocol in place that addresses the safe removal of amalgam.

As Hobart’s only Integrative Dentist I can provide for the safe removal of amalgam fillings, removing them in a safe and controlled manner and substantially lowering the risk to the patient, staff and the environment.

Independent dentist  Dr Matthew Clougher is Hobart’s leading Integrative dentist.

Call the Dental Pod on 6324 5114 to book an appointment to have your old amalgams removed safely.

Because it’s time you thought differently about your dental health.